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Dutch reeds player Jorrit Dijkstra – who runs the label Driff Records with pianist Pandelis Karayorgis – and Canadian drummer Hollenbeck have been collaborating as since the mid-nineties and recorded one album as a duo, «Sequence» (TryTone Records, 2005), «Linger» adds to the mix French prepared piano master Benoît Delbecq, who have performed with Dijkstra occasionally throughout the last decades but have not recorded with him yet.

All three musicians are adventurous improvisers and always search for new sonic frontiers. «Linger» provided all an excellent opportunity to challenge their free-improv strategies and employ the studio as a crucial element in their process of instant composition. The trio first recorded some improvised textures and atmospheres, , later recorded few takes per texture they liked, and finally, choose the best takes without further editing. Each musician enhances his sonic envelope with other instruments and devices. Delbecq adds the mumbling bass synth to the prepared piano, Dijkstra adds the vintage lyricon and analog electronics that processes his alto sax and Hollenbeck adds assorted, almost electronic-sounding percussion devices to his drum kit.

The titles of the ten pieces reflect the dynamics of this trio. All titles suggest some kind of movement, forward as the dense microtonal textures become more coherent and rhythmic, sometimes even melodic and lyrical, but also deeper within, more nuanced and layered as more acoustic and electronic sounds and noises are explored. These textures offer an elusive sonic experience. Often they suggest a glimpse into abstract and alien architectures, characterized by weird structures and strange patterns of fluidity, but at the same time these disciplined textures flirt and play with familiar but still impressionist melodies and chaotic yet seductive grooves. The delicate balance between the uncompromising need for search and invention and familiar games of any improvising unit is the essence of this impressive album.

Eyal Hareuveni

Benoît Delbecq (prep p, bass synth), Jorrit Dijkstra (as, lyricon, analog elec), John Hollenbeck (dr, perc)

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