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«Episode 1: The Jazz Disappearances»

Breaking: The Doctor. is back. After four years of extraterrestrial journeys the mysterious peacenik Dr. Kay visits us again with his merry pranksters, the Interstellar Tone Scientists, willing to bestow on us some of his benevolent, astral wisdom. This time his wisdom his encapsulated in a 30-minutes podcast (remember, Dr. Kay last visit produced the album «Dr. Kay and the Search for True Happiness», 2013). More episodes of the enlightening lessons of Dr. Kay and the Quest for Unedited Truth are promised to surface later this year.

Dr. Kay (known to us, earthlings also as Arthur Kay Piene) – rumored to be a secret disciple of Sun Ra, some remember him as a close associate of Archie Shepp, one who is also well-versed with The doors poetics, but many more claim that he is a refugee from «The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy» cast – concocted the new lessons with an elite group of storytellers – Filip Roshauw, Peter Vollset and Christopher Nielsen. Again Dr. Kay enjoys the company of some the most inventive, eccentric musicians of the Oslo jazz scene led by sax player Kasper Værnes, who in their turn enjoy the opportunity to dress in their true, Afro-futuristic-inter-galactic costumes.

«The Jazz Disappearances» expands the sacred lessons found in the scriptures of «Dr. Kay and the Search for True Happiness». The devout followers of Dr. Kay already have learnt that he received guidance from the Hindu god Ganesh, fought and befriended The Riverbeast, and lastly united the entire human race in a single moment of true happiness. If you are not tapped to any fake news outlets you already realized: It didn’t last long.

The new episode goes deeper into the nature of the people that surround Dr. Kay and raises some serious questions. Are these jazz musicians really well-educated? How come there are so many of them in Norway of all places? How do they manage to play in so many festivals? Is there a substantial proof that they have memorized Dr. Kay wisdom about universal happiness? Will Dr. Kay unite with his Tone Scientists and continue to conduct his spiritual sonic rituals? Will we all have a chance to change the universe for the better? So many questions. Answers may follow in the upcoming episodes, but for the time being you can enjoy the mind-expanding songs «Do You Want To Change The Universe?» and «Sacred Hall»

Eyal Hareuveni

Arthur Kay Piene (Dr. Kay), Adam Eaton (narrator), Peter Vollset (Blekka/Global Jazz News Senior Nordic Correspondent Bob Hutch), Filip Roshauw (Hornet/Jazz Fan/people at the Library), Cornelia Christiansen (Global Jazz News Anchor Sandra Kidd), Eivind Øygarden (Editor/Opponent), Judy Nakamura (A Young Person), Kasper Værnes (ss), Kristoffer Eikrem (tp), Harald Lassen (s), André Roligheten (s), Øyvind Brække (tb), Adrian Myhr (b), Andreas Wildhagen (dr), Tore Flatjord (perc), Thomas Sagbråten (v), Filip Roshauw (v), Frank Michaelsen (v)

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