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«I» Doesn’t Exist»

Elektro Farmer is the trio of prolific Austrian guitarist-improviser-singer-songwriter-label owner Martin Philadelphy, known for his ongoing work with Kresten Osgood and Jamie Saft, with fellow Austrian bassist Didier Hampl, and one of most in-demand local musicians, drummer Lukas König, known for his innovative rhythmic conception, who works with the trio MOPCUT (with vocal artist Audrey Chen and guitarist Julien Desprez), the local quartet Kompost 3, and has collaborated with Reggie Washington, Elliott Sharp and Steven Bernstein, among many others.

Philadelphy released three albums before with Elektro Farmer, as a trio with Hampl and drummer Victor Jones (The Philadelphy Experience, Delphy Rekords, 2000), as a self-titled duo with Hampl (Delphy Rekords, 2001), and as a trio with electronics player Stephan Sperlich and bassist Philipp Moosbrugger (Ultra Natural, Delphy Rekords, 2009).

In 2020, more than ten years later, Elektro Farmer recorded another chapter and calls its music a mix of improvisations and compositions «with rural charm», but you may describe it as an organic mix of avant-pop, blues, dub and electronica. But now Elektro Farm spices its music with a dystopian perspective, as the title, «I» Doesn’t Exist, suggests, and the desolate urban sceneries of the inside cover, including the cryptic cover art and animation of a sci-fi version of New York club Knitting Factory.

The 13 short pieces highlight the genre-binding, original guitar artistry of Philadelphy – experimental and thorny but engaging and cinematic, often at the same time. König’s processed drums or enhanced electronic effects deepen the futurist, exotic atmosphere of «I» Doesn’t Exist, and add unpredictable, urgent sonic twists and turns, while Hampl intensifies the cinematic ideas with vocals programming. The last piece «Dance the Post Trump Era» captures best the elusive spirit of this impressive album.

Eyal Hareuveni

Martin Philadelphy (el.g), Didier Hampl (el.b, v, prog), Lukas König (dr, elec)


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