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«Lokk» takes Norwegian trio of Hardanger fiddler Erlend Apneseth, guitarist Stephan Meidell and drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde, further than its first three albums and stretches its recipe of Nordic avant-folk far beyond the updated and unconventional version of traditional music. «Lokk» was originally commissioned by the Norwegian Frikar Dance Company to accompany the performance of new work, «Skaut», dealing with the covering of the body in different cultures.

Since the Erlend Apneseth Trio was allowed to do whatever it wanted as long as it is dance-related, Apneseth, Meidell and Hegg-Lunde decided to mess around and experiment with different extremes, cerebral and corporeal ones, but match all into irresistible grooves. «Lokk» offers wicked electro-acoustic improvisations, influenced by south Asian ragas and contemporary dance culture from around the globe, and enhanced with electronic beats and treatments..

«Lokk» mixes the real-time interplay of the trio, including with many effects, with ethereal ambient soundscapes, and the twittering of birdsong – real ones and the uncanny imitation of them by Apneseth’s Hardanger fiddle, with samples of archival recordings of Norwegian herdswomen. The adventurous process of conceiving these intriguing pieces for «Lokk» was done equally by Apneseth, Meidell and Hegg-Lunde, as musicians, co-composers and producers.

«Lokk» jumps playfully between pieces like «Impedans» and «Skelter», with the latter quotes of traditional Indian rhythmic patterns, that are certainly more rhythmic and danceable than previous efforts of this trio, and ambient, effects-laden pieces like «Linjer» or «Fuglane» and the title piece, with its samples of bird calls and herdswomen, are more suggestive and cinematic in spirit. Only «Springar» relies on traditional, asymmetrical dance and a melody that Apenesth wrote., and the last and most beautiful and lyrical «Skimmer» matches the best of both of the two courses. These pieces not only expand the aesthetics of this forward-thinking trio but also bridge remarkably the past, present and future, as well as body and mind.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Erlend Apneseth (hardanger vio, mora harp), Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (dr, perc, elec. dr), Stephan Meidell (acoustic baritone g, samp, elec)

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