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«a blink of an eye to the nature of things»

The Portuguese , Lisbon-based Free Pantone trio defines itself as a «trans-idiomatic and experimental» unit, exploring different schools and sub-genres of modern jazz and contemporary music through improvisation. The trio features electric bass player-educator Rui Sousa, who led a homage band to Frank Zappa called Zappanoia, pianist Manuel Guimarães, also a guitarist interested in folk and rock, and drummer-percussionist João Valinho, who collaborates with other local free-improvisers as viola player Ernesto Rodrigues and cellist Miguel Mira. «a blink of an eye to the nature of things», the debut album of the trio features British clarinet player Noel Taylor, who recently relocated to Lisbon.

Free Pantone focus on each piece on different aspects of free improvisation. The trio feels at home when it explores muscular territories that flirts with elements of fusion and rock on «Pantone A», «Pantone D» and «Pantone E». But Free Pantone also investigates quiet and abstract soundscape on «Pantone B» and enjoys sketching a playful and powerful melodic interplay on «Pantone C». Surprisingly, the addition of Taylor on «Everything» and «Evaporates» shifts the trio dynamics and suggests a more delicate and complex equilibrium. Taylor presence emphasizes the distinct voices, allows Free Pantone dynamics to incorporate few, different dynamics to the same piece and assists in expanding the sonic palette of the trio towards lyrical and emotional expressions.

Eyal Hareuveni

Manuel Guimarães (p), Rui Sousa (b), João Valinho (dr), Noel Taylor (cl)


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