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Full Blast is one of the longest-standing outfits of Peter Brötzmann in this millenia, featuring the Swiss powerful rhythm section of electric bass player Marino Pliakas and drummer Michael Wertmüller. «Rio» is the sixth album of Full Blast since 2006 and it was recorded live at audio Rebel club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 2016 while the trio toured South America. It is released as a limited-edition vinyl plus download option, by the Austrian label Trost in cooperation with the Brazilian label QTV. Brötzmann, as usual, did the artwork.

The dynamics of Full blast are quite simple. Brötzmann initial roar usually marks the course and the level of energy, intensity and velocity, without even entertaining the option of slowing down even for a second. Just keep on pushing and solidifying the brutal power and volition until the inevitable cathartic blast. Brötzmann, 75 years old during this tour, sounds at his element, focused, sharp and full of inspired rage, clearly enjoying the tough and uncompromising support of Pliakas and Wertmüller.

But during this 40 minutes set it is Wertmüller who takes the leading part of a human machine gun. His incisive, manic merciless drumming is at the center, perhaps because of the acoustics of the Audio Rebel club. The effects-laden electric bass of Pliakas embraces Wertmüller drumming with dense walls of distorted, dirty noises of a wild, twisted guitar, and both of them are pushing Brötzmann – literally – to soar high and higher above them. Only the third piece, «Rio 3» offers a looser interplay and on the beginning of «Rio 4» Brötzmann even quotes briefly a jazz melody before Full Blast resumes its explosive, up-in-your-face aggressive mode, culminating in the ecstatic «Rio 5».

Pure shot of the best adrenaline found in this planet.

Eyal Hareuveni

Peter Brötzmann (s,cl), Marino Pliakas (b), Michael Wertmüller (dr)

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