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«Hard Time»

Golden Bozo is a new Norwegian quartet that was founded by Oslo-based guitarists Martin Miguel (of Pom Poko) and Magnus Skaug began meeting up for improvised duo sessions and soon found themselves with a desire to have a band based on their guitars’ specific timbral qualities and possibilities. Miguel and Skugh hooked up with bassist Petter Asbjørnsen (of the Case Kämäräinen quartet and the Part trio) and drummer Martin Mellem (of Master Oogway) and worked out the arrangements for their compositions as a newborn band.

«Hard Time» is the debut album of Golden Bozo. It offers energetic dynamics and eclectic improvisational strategies that embrace reinterpretations of what the quartet calls «renaissance» music and twisted fusion dynamics. The so-called «renaissance» elements characterize the tight and fast cat-and-mouse chases and dances of Miguel and Skaug, sometimes ritualist and often cartoonish in their spirit, like «II. Branle Quatre – Bransles». But pieces like the opening «Respect the Octopus» stress the humor in Golden Bozo dynamics and in pieces like «Classicale» and «Ngstskrk» there is enough space for thorny free improvisation that highlights the individual voices of Golden Bozo.

Golden Bozo claims it is not a rock band. Obviously, not a conventional rock band but indeed avant-rock band, in its own strange and joyful kind of a «Hard Time».

Eyal Hareuveni

Martin Miguel (g), Magnus Skaug (g), Petter Asbjørnsen (b), Martin Mellem (dr)

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