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«Hollow Wood»

Psychoacoustic phenomena, extended bowing techniques and just intonation, hypnotic overtones and deep tones are promised to the brave ones who will experienced the challenging meeting of Portuguese, Berlin-based cellist Guilherme Rodrigues and Swedish double bass player Johan Moir. The duo was recorded at double bass player Alexander Frangenheim’s Studio Börne 45 in Berlin on June 2017.

The classically-trained Rodrigues work in ensembles ranging for contemporary classical to free improvisation, has created music for dance, theater, radio, television and silent film and has recorded dozens of albums for Creative Sources Recordings. Moir leads his own ensemble and collaborates with his wife, Casey Moir, in the Ignite duo. He explores the acoustic possibilities of the double bass by using extended techniques and preparations as well as his knowledge in just intonation, to create an interesting flow of overtones and soundscapes.

Rodrigues and Johan investigate the outer limits of the hollow wood of their instruments, with great focus on detail and remarkable discipline. Their instruments become an imaginative sound generators, producing a rich palette of sounds, from the haunting and ethereal, almost silent drone of «Airy», through the mysterious, percussive touches on the title piece, the quiet song of overtones on «Overtonestringing» or the gentle noises of «Fly» and the talkative dialog of «Spiritus». But more often these mad scientists of bows and strings sound as attempting to decipher an incantation to a higher sonic enlightenment, No doubt, they are on the right way.

Play it loud and in a dark room for maximum effect.

Eyal Hareuveni

Guilherme Rodrigues (c), Johan Moir (b)

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