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Hairetis Harper is the duo of Crete-based lute player and vocalist Yiagos Hairetis and London-based harpist Maria-Christina Harper. Both are unconventional improvisers. Hairetis plays on many traditional instruments but was influenced by classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Deep Purple. Harper experiments playing with loops and pedals. Hairetis Harper has appeared in a few venues and festivals in Greece and Europe, and a year after the initial musical acquaintance of Hairetis and Harper, when their improvisations took shape, the duo recorded its debut album, «Draft».

The seven pieces of «Draft» search for loosely defined sonic territories, still, reflect the traditional musical legacy of Crete and the experimental tendencies of Harper. The interplay of Hairetis Harper is always conversational and the tone of «Draft» is most of the time relaxed and spacious, fragile and ethereal but occasionally surrenders to dramatic-cathartic, effects-laden eruptions.

Hairetis Harper attempts to explore new sonic territories. The duo plays with a bluesy scale on «Lost in the city» and adds to it a breezy, Mediterranean twist; match the Celtic folk tradition with the Greel one on the mysterious «Bells», with the recitation of Hairetis; He tells an unsettling story on «Tsakoniko», but with a reserved sense of drama; «Lute Interlude» is Hairetis’ homage to his musical heroes, and his electrified lute is charged with effects that color his instrument with atmospheric, resonant nuances, while Harper adds minimalist, clever comments; Harper leads the folky and meditative «Meadow»; and the last piece, «Speedy», is the most beautiful piece here, intertwining the Greek tradition with Celtic one in a passionate dance.

Eyal Hareuveni   

Yiagos Hairetis (lute, v), Maria-Christina Harper (harp) 

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