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«Lost and Found»

«Lost and Found» is the second album of the American, New York-based J. Pavone String Ensemble, following «Brick and Mortar» (Birdwatcher Records, 2019). The Ensemble is an unconventional, all-female, string quartet led by violist Jessica Pavone and featuring second violist Abby, and Erica violinists Dicker and Angela Morris. Pavone’s structured compositions for this Ensemble rely on her research into the effects of sonic vibration on human physiology and emotional health known as Cymatics, related to the anthroposophical doctrine of Rudolf Steiner. The Ensemble focuses on sustained sounds, pitches, and clusters of collective ensemble sounds that are used to generate specific physical and cognitive benefits, existing both within and beyond music’s canonical role.

«Lost and Found» experiments with ways of alternating between metered and free space approaches, often using a digital clock as a conductor to mark sections, duration, and cues, indicated time frames on the score. The four, minimalist and drone-like textures stress a vision of collective improvisation that prioritizes a collaboratively-sewn musical fabric, in contrast to the traditional improvisatory approach that prizes the individuality and uniqueness of the soloist.

There is a strong meditative and even physical quality to these subtle, resonating long notes. The delicate vibrations of these four string instruments embrace gently the attentive listener and let all wander in untimely sonic regions, as our body and mind vibrations are becoming attuned to the Ensemble vibrations. This tactile experience intensifies slowly and patiently, purifying our body and soul from the troubling outside reality.

Eyal Hareuveni

Jessica Pavone (viola), Abby Swidler (viola), Erica Dicker (vio), Angela Morris (vio)

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