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JCM 001 (2015)

Young Danish, Aarhus-based trumpeter Jakob Sørensen is only 26 years old, but already has an assured sound of his own. He has recorded before – with Norwegian vocalist Live Foyn Friis and with the Danish trio Elliott. Even though he has not attempted to rebel against the typical «Nordic sound» – a lyrical, often melancholic one, so typical to many ECM releases, he knows how to put his own personal stamp on the music.

Sørensen charges the sound with a strong, song-like melodic core, and he provides the sophistication of the compositions and their arrangements with an impressive emotional anchor.

«Bagland» is Sørensen’s debut album as a leader. «Bagland», the Danish word for hinterland, was composed in a remote house in the Danish countryside, in a windy scenery of dunes. The cover photo by Danish foremost landscape photographer Kirsten Klein intensifies the evocative, fragile atmosphere of the album.  His band is a quintet of young Danish musicians, among them fellow Elliott guitarist Alex Jønsson, augmented on one song with two clarinet players.

The eight nuanced compositions are structured like a cycle of poetic songs. All radiate a rare sense of beauty – warm, clear themes, often lingering long on after the composition ends. All of them feature subtle dramatic narratives.

The group interplay is patient, balanced and emphatic – especially the telepathic one of the gentle, velvety sound of Sørensen with the edgy one of Jønsson – and serves the strong melodic elements beautifully.

Beautiful and moving compositions, delivered with a commanding maturity.

Text: Eyal Harueveni

Jakob Sørensen (tp); Alex Jønsson (g); Mathias Jæger (p); Frederik Sakham (b);  Frej Lesner (dr); Nellie Parsager Jensen (cl); Sofie Kirk Østergaard (cl)


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