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«The multiverse ennui can’t last forever»

The debut release of the Belgian, Ghent-based improv-noise duo of guitarist Jonas Van den Bossche and synthesizer and electronics player Benne Dousselaere has as suggestive title as well as a suggestive cover. Both may tell more about the duo provocative approach than their label description about their past experiences. Van den Bossche splits his time between Ghent and Tallinn, and describes his approach as embracing contradiction and change, enabling his improvised playing to flow organically from noise to melody to silence and back. Dousselaere  is a member of local alternative groups The Violent Husbands and Tape Tum,, half of the DJ duo Kopi&Luwak and composes music for theater, dance, film and exhibitions.

«The multiverse ennui can’t last forever» was recorded in one session on February 2015 and is released as a cassette only with download option. The first piece, «Antiquark» begins as an atmospheric, prog-rock piece. Slowly it attaches more detailed sounds, ringing guitar, throbbing machines noises, twisted, distant industrial sounds and abstract, white noises. It builds its tension in a slow-cooking process, while still navigating in some distant stratosphere, before it transforms into torrents of abstract noise but concludes with gentle, melodic coda. The second, shorter piece, «Supersymmetry», is more edgy, adopting an approach of head-on, muscular free improvisation. The textual guitar lines of Van den Bossche keeps colliding with the weird sounds and effects of Dousselaere, in a series of insistent, brutal onslaughts.

Highly original though not recommended for the faint of heart.

Eyal Hareuveni

Jonas Van den Bossche (g, eff), Benne Dousselaere (synth, elec)

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