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«Volt / Pletterij»

Kodian Trio – British alto sax player Colin Webster and drummer Andrew Lisle and Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries – has been busy in the last two years, releasing a series of limited-edition, DIY releases. First one was under the names of the three musicians (Raw Tonk, 2015), later one when the trio was augmented by American sax player John Dikeman, «Apparitions»,  (A New Wave of Jazz, 2016), then the official debut, «I» (LP, A New Wave of Jazz, 2016) and another live document, «Live at Paradox» (Raw Tonk, 2016).

«Volt / Pletterij»is another live, limited-edition release, only 50 cassettes this time (plus a download option), mixed by Serries, with artwork by Webster, on his Webster’s Raw Tonk label, documenting two live performances from the trio recent European tour. The first recorded at the Dutch club Volt in Sittard on March 21st 2016 and the second from fellow Dutch club Pletterij in Haarlem, two days before. Both sets stress the strong identity of this working band.

The trio begins «Volt» begins in a fast and energetic mode, full of raw sonic clashes, but then it suddenly changes course to a quiet, contemplative one that searches for a tender common ground. Now, with remarkable restraint the trio gains power to the next, inevitable assault. Webster sets the tone to this tight, focused intense attack, fragmented by Serries noisy interventions and Lisle pulse-free drumming.  

«Pletterij» begins a free jazz, highly rhythmic mode where both Webster and Serries surrender to Lisle massive drumming, This focused interplay intensifies when Serries pushes his distorted guitar sounds and Webster soars to faraway stratosphere with his fast blows and shouts. Again, mid-piece the trio shifts and explores a sparse, open interplay that highlight Lisle, Serries and Webster contributions to a new, dramatic and suggestive atmosphere yet quite a minimalist one. This time the trio return to its common, energetic mode is sudden and faster, marking another intense and powerful attack towards the cathartic coda.

Eyal Hareuveni  

Colin Webster (as), Dirk Serries (g), Andrew Lisle (dr)

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