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«A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little That Way Lies A Quagmire = 少しずつ曲がっている哲学 その先には湿地がある»

The Turkish free jazz group Konstrukt seeks to transform itself anew with each new adventure, suggesting that free jazz can come in many eclectic forms and settle naturally in far, alien terrains. This quartet has collaborated before with notable free-improvisers and free-jazz musicians as Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Petser Brötzmann and Akira Sakata, but worked also with the electronica of 808 State’s Graham Massey, the art rock of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Turkish folk universe with percussionist Okay Temiz.

Konstrukt latest collaboration is with Japanese polymath, noise icon and guitarist-vocalist Keiji Haino, recorded in studio in Istanbul. It not just a collaboration between the almost mythical sonic presence of Haino and the Turkish quartet but a new incarnation of Konstrukt, matching the always inclusive vision of both Haino and his turkish comrades. Konstrukt and Haino succeed to find rich common grounds in psychedelic rock, avant-punk and obviously, powerful free jazz that borders with muscular fusion.

The new album is divided in two three-parts, mini-suites, titled as enigmatic equations. The first «All Things Will Be Reduced To Equal Dお Tっっ3 BBRc MMMあ元» begins with an organic blend of the Turkish psychedelia with Haino own version of the Japanese psychedelic rock, composed of repetitive, tribal rhythmic patterns, heavy synths washes and chirps, distant sax and the somehow angelic voice of Haino. It goes wilder when Konstrukt adds to the dense mix a choir of traditional woodwinds and Haino begins to rattle his voice chords to outer stratospheres and it climaxes in an intense cacophonic-spacey-noisy mayhem.

The secons suite «The Darkness Of +(Plus) And The Paleness Of –(Minus) Drag Each To An Identical Distance And Reanalyse Blending In Some Pain» relies on Haino unmatched levels of energy, intensity and volume as a unique electric guitar-noise maker. His volcanic outbursts trigger Konstrukt wild, powerful eruptions, spiced with local, exotic sounds. This suite concludes with a return to the misty-sweet psychedelic skies, but alternates the relaxed-leisured opening with a muscular-tensed mode.

Eyal Hareuveni

Korhan Futacı (as, ts, zurna, kaval, sipsi, instant loops, v), Umut Çaglar (micromoog, korg x-911, gralla, bamboo flutes, xylophones, perc, tape echo, vermona), Berkan Tilavel (nord drum2, el perc, tef, cymbal); Erdem Göymen (dr, cymbals, perc) + Keiji Haino (g, perc, v, airsynths)

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