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«The End of the Universe»

«The End of the Universe» features a free-improv trio of Swedish sax player Martin Küchen, American lap steel guitarist Ed Pettersen and veteran British percussionist Roger Turner. The three musicians met during the recording of «Interstellar Transmissions» (Split Rock Records, 2018) (read the review HERE), improvising on the sounds collected by the Voyager spacecraft in a London session led by Pettersen with master American guitarist Henry Kaiser. Küchen, Pettersen and Turner decided to extend their studio time and explore where a completely spontaneous session would take them. Sincethen Küchen and Turner, who have extensive experience in such ad-hoc, experimental meetings, continue to collaborate in a new trio, ThE cROaKs, with Martin Klapper.

«The End of the Universe» sounds like a detour of astral-aural journey of the Voyager spacecraft, captured on «Interstellar Transmissions». Küchen, Pettersen and Turner explore the sense space, each in his very own personal way, The long and angular, effect-laden tones of Pettersen’s lap steel guitar offer an atmospheric spirit; The fractured, asymmetric percussive sounds of Turner suggest the adventurous and resourceful vibe of a team headed into the unknown; and the emotional sax cries of Küchen evoke the state of mind of these fearless sonic travellers who – literally – thrive on thin air.

The journey to «The End of the Universe» begins with the contemplative, yet quite stressful «As Far as You Can Hear» that investigates possible courses and dynamics. The trio realizes it already reached uncharted, lonesome territories in deep space on the sparse «Voyager». «Far Out» depict the tension of such tasking, free-improvised journey that flows in utter darkness, through noisy conflicts and feelings of despair. The title-piece deepens the agitated, adventurous spirit with highly inventive and intense sonic clashes, involving objects stuffed into the sax bell, dissonant, distorted effects and industrial, metallic noises. The last, energetic bonus piece «Gone» sounds as if the trio settled on clear course and supportive interplay.

Eyal Hareuveni

Martin Küchen (s, sounds), Ed Pettersen (8-strings lap steel g, eff), Roger Turner (dr, perc)

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