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«Faller På Eget grepp»

Ten years, three albums and the Swedish, Gothenburg-based Kvintetten Som Sprängdes (in English: The Quintet that blew up) – saxophonist-leader Niklas Bogren Persson, trombone player Kristoffer Alehed, pianist Rasmus Borg, bass player Patric Thorman and drummer Martin Öhman – calls it a day. Sad, but at least Kvintetten Som Sprängdes leaves us at top shape, presenting another great album, following «Järnet!» and «Svänger Så Det Svartnar» (2012, 2014, both released on Found You Recordings).

The quintet last, third album «Faller På Eget Grepp» (Falls on its own grip) may be its best, balancing wisely between the hard-driving, muscular interplay and the collective improvisations that often cross to free-jazz territories and stress the individual personalities of Kvintetten Som Sprängdes. Persson compositions are gifted with a strong rhythmic sensibility that often brings to mind the dynamics of of Charles Mingus groups, especially on the pieces «Ses På Manhattan», even more so on «Adjö Köttpajhatt» – a word-play on Mingus’ iconic «Goodbye Pork Pie Hat» – and «Kakor Och Cocktail». These compositions flow, stir and shake with exciting energy.

Persson is a natural calm leader, enjoying the emphatic, mature interplay of the quintet on the stormy-rhythmic compositions and even more on the open pieces, «This Guy Is The Limit» and «Frida Stämplar In». These compositions are based on fragmented ideas and emphasize the clever contributions of pianist Borg and the the rhythm section of bass player Thorman and drummer Öhman.

Eyal Hareuveni

Niklas Borgen Persson (as, sopranino s), Christoffer Alehed (tb), Rasmus Borg (p), Patric Thorman (b), Martin Öhman (dr)

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