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«Sueños Paralelos»

Sueños Paralelos (parallel dreams in Spanish) is the second album of Swiss violinist-composer Laura Schuler, following Metamorphosis (Self Released, 2020). Schuler Quartet features fellow Swiss synth player Hanspeter Pfammatter and drummer Lionel Friedli and special guest, American tenor sax player Tony Malaby (who replaced German sax player Philipp Gropper who played in Metamorphosis).

Schuler wanted in this album to capture her time in New York, and Sueños Paralelos reflects the feeling of trying to keep up with the super-fast pace of the mega-city. «It’s intense, it’s non-linear and there’s something electric in the air, at all times. It’s as blinding as a Georgia O’Keeffe canvas, but imagine those flowing, vibrant lines of hers intercut with sharp black and white geometric shapes», says Schuler.

Schuler’s complex and shapeshifting, collage-like compositions juggle with tension and release, in a similar way to New York City. She leaves enough, and sometimes much more than enough space for individual improvisation. Her compositions encompass ideas from modern and chamber jazz, free improvisation and British, vintage prog-rock. She employs extended techniques and effects to expand the sonic range of the violin and often her extended violin, her vocals and Pfammatter’s synth sound like alien reeds players. Friedli charges the intense and often interplay with tough, hyperactive rhythmic patterns. But it is Malaby who cements the powerful or emotional core of Schuler’s compositions with precise, poetic articulations.

Eyal Hareuveni

Laura Schuler (vio, v, effects), Tony Malaby (ts), Hanspeter Pfammatter (synth), Lionel Friedli (dr)

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