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«Live in Padova»

The trio lauroshilau – Belgian alto sax player Audrey Lauro and sound artist and toy piano player Pak Yan Lau (who has roots in Hong Kong) and Japanese, France-based drummer Yuko Oshima, explores highly personal strategies to free-improvisation, ranging from minimalist and electro-acoustic, ambient soundscapes to free-form bursts of energy. The trio was founded in 2013 and «Live in Padova» is the sophomore album of the trio, following the self-titled debut album (Creative Sources, 2014), and was recorded live at Centro d’Arte Padova in November 2018.

Lauro has a wealth of experience in the Belgian experimental music scene, having played with Marc Ribot, Veryan Weston, Peter Evans, Carlos Zingaro and Sabu Toyozumi. Pak Yan Lau has shared music with wonderful musicians such as Chris Corsano, Akira Sakata, Mette Rasmussen, Eve Risser. These gifted improvisers refuse to surrender to any established music form or convention, but follow their very own strong but enigmatic logic, simply letting the music happen.

The 40-minute piece negotiates patiently and slowly with silence, extended breathing techniques and other extended percussive techniques and subtle, mysterious sounds, often sketching tense cinematic narratives. This bewitching piece develops, shifts and morphs in an organic flow between quiet and contemplative segments and restless, disquieting ones, stressing highly attentive and conversational interplay, and with a strong focus on timbre and pure sound. The live setting, as well as the profound, mutual understanding of Lauro, Yan Lau and Oshima, promises that every sound seems inevitable and beautifully strange, and all these sounds accumulate into fascinating labyrinthine textures.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Audrey Lauro (as, prep), Pak Yan Lau (toy p, synth, elec), Yuko Oshima (dr)

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