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«Arch of Motion»

Swedish, Stockholm-based pipe organist-composer Linnéa Talp (also a cellist and vocalist) focuses on her debut instrumental album «Arch of Motion» on slow and simple movements. Talp, who worked before as a pop-rock artist under the moniker Deerest, wanted to work with her body, her breath and her listening and to explore the feeling of being fully present – «push/release, forward/backward, inhale/exhale», as she defines it. She was inspired by the ideas of John Cage and non-intention and explored the sonic possibilities of the pipe organ – its vibrations, changes of timbre and microtonality, as well as the work with the sound of air, with a child-like openness and a sense of wonder.

The pipe organ parts of «Arch of Motion» were recorded in the summer and fall of 2020 in several churches – Hörkens Kyrka, Västra Tunhems Kyrka and Råsunda Kyrka. Later Talp invited some of the best Swedish improvisers, including vocalist Mariam Wallentin, trombonist Mats Äleklint, reeds players Martin Küchen and Christer Bothén and pianist, producer and label head Alex Zethson, to complement and color her experimental solo excursions by adding complementary yet minimalist improvisations.

The concise and suggestive drone pieces sketch subtle emotional moods and images, each one offers delicate harmonies rich with nuances of timbre and dissonances. Wallentin’s dreamy, wordles humming vibrates alongside the ethereal resonant sounds of the organ on the opening piece «To Whom» and later on «Råsunda Kyrka (Exhale)». Äleklint adds an almost imperceptible layer to the meditative, deep tones of the organ in the title piece. Bothén’s whispering rumbles on the bass clarinet introduce an almost inaudible counterpoint to the static sounds of the organ, while Küchen’s extends the sounds of the organ. «Mending (Light Pressure)» suggests a reserved drama, intensified in the following, psychedelic «Conversation» that offers a slowed-down version of fellow-Swedish organist-vocalist Anna von Hausswolff.

These seemingly weightless sonic inhalations and exhalations may sound simple but repeated and deep listening highlights their deceptive essence. These hypnotic pieces are not only rich in detail but have a rare and profound accumulative emotional effect, of being out of time and being embraced by powerful, healing vibrations.

Eyal Hareuveni

Linnéa Talp (pipe organ, modular synth), Christer Bothén (bcl), Mariam Wallentin (v), Martin Küchen (fl), Mats Äleklint (tb), Alex Zethson (p), Mandus Almqvist Johansson (g)


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