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«The Passion of Joan of Arc»

American, Seattle-based cellist Lori Goldston offers another interpretive score, this time to Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer classic silent film from 1928 «The Passion of Joan of Arc», about the trial, condemnation and punishment of the young French martyr – and feminist icon – Saint Joan of Arc. This album follows Goldston’s «Film Scores» (Sub Rosa, 2014), where she offered her interpretive scores to nine films, including Dreyer’s films, Yasujiro Ozu «Passing Fancy» from 1933 and more recent films.

«The Passion of Joan of Arc» features Goldston accompanied by experimental guitarist-dronemesiter Aidan Baker and Italian drummer-percussionist-sound artist Andrea Belfi. The album was recorded live at the Christuskirche, an evangelist church from the XIX century church in Bochum, Germany, and captures the natural reverb of its space. The cover art by Mexican visual artist Mariana Ortizalbo is an abstract interpretation (and a layering) of some scenes of the film.

This 75-minutes, 13 movements interpretive score does not attempt to celebrate the iconic character of Joan of Arc. There is no suspension of disbelief, as we all are aware of the terrible punishment of Joan of Arc. The score evolves patiently through minimalist yet nuanced variations and improvisations. The dark, resonating atmosphere offers a disturbing, sonic animation of the last, tragic chapter in the turbulent life of Joan of Arc, echoed in the current regressive, chauvinistic politics of our times.

The organic, dream-like development of this soundtrack offers a sonic abyss with a strong tangible and physical presence, engulfing and drawing the listener deeper and deeper, towards the inevitable powerful, emotional climax of the last movement. Baker and Belfi accentuate cleverly the chamber, meditative cello of Goldston, patiently varying and expanding their palette of sounds with subtle electronics and sparse percussive sounds, until both drown her acoustic cello with their mean, aggressive attacks on the final movement.

A unique experience.

And did i mentioned that Goldston toured with Nirvana and played on Nirvana’s «MTV Unplugged in New York» (1994)? Seems like any PR page about her is still focused about events that happened about 25 years ago.

Eyal Hareuveni

Lori Goldston (c), Aidan Baker (g), Andrea Belfi (dr, perc)

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