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«Iteration» presents two improvisations by Berlin-based experimental musicians – Argentinian reeds player Lucio Capece, known from collaborations with like-minded musicians as Radu Malfatti, Martin Kuchen and  Burkhard Beins and Austrian double bass player Werner Dafeldecker, known from his work with the Polwechsel band and collaborations with John Tilbury and Christian Fennesz. Capece and Dafeldecker played occasionally together before but this album, recorded live at the ‘Offene Ohren’ concert series in Munich in May 2019, is the first document of their work.

Capece is credited as playing with room acoustics and mini-speakers with feedback, and the sonic characteristics of sound in any given space are central to his work. He not only interested in the way vibration is produced, the way it travels in the performance space and the way it is perceived and listened to, but he seeks to offer a new listening experience that may liberate us from the market logic. Or in his own words: «I think that is fundamental, for our work as musicians, and for society to develop an understanding, to think and experience the space, and how the sound inhabits it. To be agents of spatial liberation and proper listening».

The two unedited, sound-oriented improvisations are quiet, almost silent, and obviously, highly nuanced. The atmosphere reflects the experience of Capece and Dafeldecker with the ‘reductionist’ turn in free-improvisation from the nineties, but their approach is clearly non-dogmatic. These pieces develop slowly and patiently, focusing on subtle timbral detail and only the essential contours of the music. Often the sound of the bass clarinet and slide saxophone resonates with the sound of the bowed double bass and vice versa, and both instruments produce abstract yet rich and poetic electro-acoustic drones. Furthermore, the minimalist gestures blend with the space acoustics and become an organic and vivid entity of and with this space.

An exceptional listening experience.

Eyal Hareuveni

Lucio Capece (bcl, slide s, room acoustics, mini-speakers), Werner Dafeldecker (b)


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