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Finnish composer-guitarist-improviser-multimedia artist Markus Pesonen investigates in his various projects the impact of sound on people and the environment. «My work continues to be inspired by nature and the nature of reality», he says. His previous projects offered works for solo guitar with live electronics, his 11-piece ensemble Markus Pesonen Hendectet, composition for string quartet, techno remix, visual and sound art exhibitions, music for dance, theater and films.

«Wateristic», released on Pesonen’s newly-founded label Humming Sun Records, is a solo project where he collaborates with the nature, focusing on the the kaleidoscopic qualities of water. Pesonen spent three years blending field recordings collected throughout Europe with his carefully designed soundscape in order to reach a perfect balance of ingredients. Pesonen even advices the casual listener when to listen («clear your mind and enter a space of ambient textures, get your creative juices flowing, engage your intuition to help solve problems»), and how to listen («close your eyes or consider using a blindfold when listening» … «lying down, or a reclined position, allows for greatest body relaxation»).

The peaceful 36-minutes «Wateristic» sounds at times as a fresh incarnation of the eighties’ new-age music, including the exotic Eastern string instruments, the sounds of water streams and the inevitable songs of humpback whales and dolphins. But Pesonen do not attempt to updates the projects of the Paul Winter Consort with whales and other aquatic creatures, though he shares with Winter a similar kind of innocence and optimism. Eventually, Pesonen innocence has a seductive impact. Even if you ignore his listening recommendations you may find yourself immersed in this relaxing, atmospheric experience, imagining yourself swimming along friendly and smiling giant whales, wishing to keep sharing with them this blue planet blue. Hopefully, you will do something about it later on.

Eyal Hareuveni

Markus Pesonen (g, gongs, cymbals, monochord, waterphone, water, field recordings, elec, v)

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