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French pianist-composer Melaine Dalibert is a committed interpreter of the contemporary repertoire  – from Gérard Pesson to Giuliano D’Angioloni and Anastassis Philippakopoulos, an appreciated collaborator of other musicians like Will Guthrie and Sylvain Chauveau, who enjoys the appreciation of other musicians like David Sylvian who contributed sounds to his albums and designed the cover arts.  «Shimmering» is his first album for the French Ici d’ailleurs label within its Mind Travels collection, and his seventh solo piano album after a series of albums for the experimental, contemporary labels Another Timbre and elsewhere music.

«Shimmering» offers arresting musical mantras that highlight his minimalist approach, corresponding with the Wandelweiser composers’ collective, featuring his compositional ideas that involve mathematical concepts such as fractal series and influenced by visual artists Vera Molnar and François Morellet. Dalibert constructs repetitive, resonant textures with no beginning or ending and where the notion of time becomes illusory.

The eight pieces of «Shimmering» were conceived during the Covis-19 lockdowns and all play with hypnotic melodic themes and algorithmic processes that Dalibert explored on his previous albums. These economic and precise pieces have the qualities of timeless pop songs, revolving around reserved, subtle and well-crafted dramas, but with evocative, meditative power and accumulative effect that keep shimmering and lingering on long after this short album ends.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Melaine Dalibert (p), Margaret Hermant (vio), Fabien Leseure (elec)

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