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«Distant Sediments»

«Distant Sediments» brings together three experimental sound artists and improvisers – German, Leipzig-based producer-sound artist Oh No Noh (aka Markus Rom), Japanese, Berlin-based pianist-sound artist-producer Midori Hirano and Norwegian, Oslo-based guitarist and electronics player Jo David Meyer Lysne. «Distant Sediments» is released as a limited edition of 50 cassette tapes with a download option.

The album offers three pieces, each one created by a different musician, with its distinct timbre and structure. The three pieces were formed like sedimentary rocks with their overlays and deposition of older rocks and developed and layered with sound art and field recordings by one musician and improvisation as an overdub by all three musicians. This work process is meant to leave out more than adding, with the foresight of leaving space for the ideas of others, without knowing how they would end up sounding.

The opening piece «MHJLMR» with improvisations-overdubs by Hirano, Meyer Lysne and Oh No Noh is a mysterious and suggestive dreamscape, with the distant, processed sound of piano and sparse resonant guitar lines. «JLMRMH» with improvisations-overdubs by Meyer Lysne, Oh No noh and Hirano is a delicate and spacious, chamber ambient piece, with the introspective piano playing as the leading instrument. It is ornamented by subtle, floating electronic sounds and gentle guitar lines that stress the trio’s aesthetics of composing shifted in time and space. The last piece, «MRMHJL» with improvisations-overdubs by Oh No Noh, Hirano and Meyer Lysne cements the enigmatic, trance-like atmosphere of this unique combination of imaginative and nuanced sound art, field recordings and subtle improvisations.

Eyal Hareuveni

Oh No Noh (elec, field rec), Midori Hirano (elec, p, field rec), Jo David Meyer Lysne (g, elec)

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