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«Inscapes» is the debut album of the Amsterdam-based trio OMAWI – Onno Govaert on drums, Marta Warelis on piano and Wilbert De Joode on double bass, recorded already on November 2015. The prolific De Joode is one of the busiest bass players in the Dutch scene, a resourceful improviser with strong, inquisitive personality, imaginative musical vision and recognizable sound (that owes much to his use of gut strings). Govaert is known from the power trio Cactus Truck and another trio with Cactus Truck’s bassist-guitarist Jasper Stadhouders and De Joode. Polish Warelis studied at the conservatory in Groningen before moving to Amsterdam and collaborated already with reeds player Ab Baars and pianist Guus Janssen.

Together OMAWI suggests an urgent and flexible interplay, always searching for new experiences and dynamics, The five piece are credited to the three musicians and reflect the democratic, leader-less spirit of this trio and its aesthetics that blur common distinctions between compositional ideas to free improvisation. Warelis, De Joode and Govaert always question and challenge the conventional roles and the sonic spectrum of their instruments, always attempting to find new sounds. Still, it is not about the sounds themselves as it is about the way to reach those sounds – the deep listening, the constant and instant shifts, triggered by a playful themes, fleeting ideas, quirky colors or a fragments of a pulse. The 13-minutes «Star» brings the accumulated experiences of Warelis, De Joode and Govaert to perfection. This piece develops according to its mysterious inner rationale, sketching an unpredictable structure and offering a unique palette of colorful sounds, subtle yet adventurous dynamics, free of all the clichés of modern jazz piano trio.

Eyal Hareuveni

Marta Warelis (p), Wilbert de Joode (b), Onno Govaert (dr)

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