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Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido (Orchestra of Lost Time) was conceived by Dutch guitarist-composer Jeroen Kimman and Sepk is already the third album by the Orquesta. This outfit features in its current incarnation 11 musicians, including a few of the prominent figures of Amsterdam’s modern and free jazz scenes like sax player John Dikeman, trombonist Joost Buis, double bass player Koen Nutters and reeds master Michael Moore.

Kimman is an eccentric and eclectic sound philosopher and a wizard of cinematic atmospheres. His playful yet elusive and highly seductive music surrounds the listener right from the start in the same manner that a veil of fog fills the air. Sepk offers twelve engaging songs that reach far beyond the world of music that you are familiar with. You will not find catchy melodies in these songs but many strange and subversive ideas that may throw you into a wild ride in the free-associative, provocative and imaginative sonic vision of Kimman.

You may encounter in this exotic but swampy ride abstract, noisy sounds, float on sensual or nostalgic waves, visit the wide plains of Americana and dance to a twisted cha cha cha pulse, raw underground hip-hop production, and, as Kimman promises «a great love and misunderstanding of huayno music from the Andes». You always feel that you only want to get lost in this labyrinth of musical references. The themes of these songs may feel familiar as if you have known them for years, and yet they would keep slipping away. The nuanced and precise performance of the Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido makes sure that these songs would often sound as if they have no solid surface and what stirs underneath is on top. But this is exactly the spirit of this unique outfit. This is music in search of its own essence, constantly turning itself inside out. Beauty may be a very strange but still a fascinating thing.

Eyal  Hareuveni

Anna voor de Wind (clarinet, bass clarinet), Floris van Bergeijk (synthesizer), John Dikeman (tenor saxophone, bass saxophone), Joost Buis (trombone), Koen Kaptijn (trombone), Koen Nutters (double bass), Michael Moore (alto saxophone, clarinet), Mark Morse (lap steel guitar, synthesizer, sampling), Patricio Wang (pan flutes), Tristan Renfrow (drums), Jeroen Kimman (guitars, pedal steel guitar, 19tet baritone guitar, percussion, sampling, harmonium)

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