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Other:M:other is a Viennese trio featuring drummer Judith Schwarz who plays gere on an extended drum set and is known for local band chuffDRONE and her duo with sax player Lisa Hofmaninger, Swiss sound poet Jul Dillier who plays prepared piano, who also plays in chuffDRONE, and sound designer, composer and audio engineer Arthur Fussy who plays modular synthesizer.

Other:M:other creates a rhythmic symbiosis of sound, described best by the trio:  «Other:M:other directs electrical pressure waves into the sound-pregnant abdomen. The three Masters of Ceremony celebrate analog electroacoustics in a cerebral trinity. Fetal amniotic fluid flashes lead to wild dances around the mater pole. Mother Mary’s prenatal dive into the rhythmically pulsating primordial soup».

This kind of electroacoustic soup relies on suggestive percussive impulses that take their inspiration equally from abstract, experimental music and beat-driven, techno-like music. Unlike another Viennese trio, Elektro Guzzi, that also experiments with playing improvised techno music with a supposedly conventional format of guitar-bass-drums, the free improvised aesthetics of Other:M:other are more adventurous and unpredictable and have a clear aim to attract dance clubs audiences to experimental music. This trio can shift quite fast from a bold experimental affair to an addictive dance pulse.  MetaMorph is the debut album of this trio and it was recorded at three concerts during 2022 and highlights the unique, potent, slow-burning dynamics.

Eyal Hareuveni

Judith Schwarz (extended drumset), Jul Dillier (prepared piano), Arthur Fussy (modular synthesizer)

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