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«Hedvigsnäs / Composer in Residence»

Hedvigsnäs is a small farm outside the southern Swedish town Tibro where the family of drummer Peter Danemo moved to from his northern birthplace Umeå. Danemo describes his childhood years in this farm as filled with everlasting wonders. «Every single door was a potential portal to a new world and we filled every nook and cranny with our imagination. A tractor could, if needs be, become a spacecraft. Imagination led the way and we gladly followed wherever it took us».

Danemo is now a Stockholm-based bandleader and member of vocalist Lina Nyberg band and plays in many other outfits. In 2015, when he was invited to act as a composer of residence for the Norrbotten Big Band his thoughts wandered back to his happy childhood years. «I’ve had a similar feeling about Norrbotten Big Band; a place of endless possibilities limited only by my own imagination and ability to convey my ideas», he says. Throughout 2015 he had the time to explore various compositional possibilities with the Big Band without stress, make necessary changes after rehearsals and receive valuable feedback from the Big Band musicians.

Danemo compositions employ wisely the the full spectrum of the Norrbotten Big Band musicians distinct voices and sketch multifaceted, interweaving story-like narratives. This cycle of compositions reflect beautifully the innocent experiences and daily explorations of a care-free child with rich imagination. All these heartfelt compositions unfold patiently as gentle, dramatic plays where the tension is built and releases patiently. Few of the compositions suggest less peaceful childhood memories, as the haunting atmosphere of «Synthesis», with Danemo subtle electronics and electronic treatment, or the dark and tempting «Woodland», with the commanding bow work of bass player Christian Spering. The most touching composition is the title-piece «Hedvigsnäs», led by pianist Adam Forkelid, while the Big Band embraces his soulful solo with warm sounds of woodwinds and horns.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Håkan Broström (as, ss, afl), Janne Thelin (as, cl, bcl, contrabcl), Mats Garberg (s, fl), Robert Nordmark (ts, afl, cl), Per Moberg (bs, fl), Jacek Onuszkiewicz (tp, flh), Magnus Ekholm (tp, flh), Dan Johansson (tp, flh), Peter Lindharme (tp, flh), Peter Dahlgren (tb), Arvid Ingeberg (tb), Urban Wiborg (tb), Björn Hängsel (btb, tuba), Adam Forkelid (p), Christian Spering (b), Konrad Agnas (dr), Peter Danemo (elec, elec treatment)

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