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«The World Within»

American jazz pianist Richie Beirach, active since the 70s, long before I was even a thought, and German saxophonist Reiner Witzel have collaborated to compose and release this modern and convincing jazz album.

You don’t need more than a minute to understand that there are obviously talented and seasoned musicians at play here, tirelessly delivering on all fronts. The drumming is time accurate to the highest extent and finds ways to keep the groove through even the oddest sax and trumpet solos. I love how the fender rhodes is applied, screaming of coolness! It is a welcome addition, as there are not that many releases from this century applying it (this well). And there is absolutely no doubt hints of early 70s Miles Davis with Keith Jarrett when its applied oh-so-well, especially on the first track «Flashback».

There is a powerful complexity in the following tracks, and each of them undoubtedly brings something new to the table. I especially appreciate the constant shifting of wind instruments, elegantly toggling between saxophone and trumpet, never once letting the listener get bored. The rest of the band delivers with equal intensity through the entire runtime, with sharp double bass slapping over fender rhodes on the title track. It is fun, upbeat and I can’t help but smile.

The band itself wish to emphasize the following: «Requiem For Chris» is a composition, dedicated to their long-time friend Christian Scheuber, who was originally intended as the drummer for this production. And it is a track full of longing, but without getting obviously sorrowful, still delivering the same fearful intensity and power the rest of the album. The musicians never let their guard down.

Overall, this is a highly consistent jazz album. The compositions are clear and well arranged, but still opens itself up to improvisation and joyful soloing. With that said, the musicians never forget to take it all very seriously, like they do. Powerful!

Chris Risvik

Alex Sipiagin (tp), Richie Beirach (p, fender rhodes), Reiner Witzel (s), Tobias Frohnhöfer (dr), Joscha Oetz (b)

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