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German reeds player Rudi Mahall and drummer-vibes player Michael Griener have been playing together for forty years now, most notably in the Die Enttäuschung quartet or with Alexander Von Schlippenbach’s Monks’ Casino. Mahall is also a member of Globe Unity Orchestra and Griener is known for his work with Lina Allemano’s Ohrenschmaus as well as his trio with Ellery Eskelin and Christian Weber. Surprisingly, Jazzpreis is Mahall and Griener’s first ever duo album.

Jazzpreis is a master class in egoless, free improvisation by two veteran experts of the trade, who know how to balance their deep affinity and best-tested dynamics with risk-taking, sharp sense of humor and elements of surprise. Or as Mahall puts it «then, when the fourteen-year-old Michael Griener and fifteen-year-old Rudi Mahall met in Nuremberg in 1982 as autograph hunters at a concert and decided: We can do that too»! And now, a bit older and wiser, they just met and start playing. And apparently, they thought that it is about time to award themselves the Jazz Prize.

Mahall and Griener opt not to follow familiar courses, but to keep challenging themselves with restless and subversive ideas, unorthodox but playful interplay, massive and manic energy and sudden detours. They never attach themselves to any idea throughout the eight conversational pieces, and as soon as they exhaust their sonic options they move on. Only on the ironic «Kurz darauf im Gefängnis…Laß dir mal in die Augen schaun!» (Shortly afterward in prison… Let me look you in the eye!) Mahall adopts lyrical mode, while Griener contrasts his emotional approach with hyperactive and provocative drumming. But while preparing to pick their much-deserved prize, and after a few cups of tea, as told in the last piece «Viele Tassen Beruhigungstee später…  (Many cups of calming tea later…)», Mahall and Griener play their most touching piece, obviously, in their special provocative way.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Rudi Mahall (bcl, cl, bs), Michael Griener (dr, vib)

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