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«The Conversation»

SAV is the duo of vocalist Mija Milovic and prolific guitarist Lars Bech Pilgaard. The duo came alive in 2012 and already released one EP – «Meat Performance» (2013) – and one vinyl album – «SAV Sucks Super Bones» (2016). The third release of the duo, «The Conversation», cements the duo deep affinity with the Balkan, after few tours in Serbia and Bosnia. It was recorded in Belgrade on May 2016 in a one-day session of improvisations.

SAV aesthetics blends elements of imaginary, abstract Balkan folklore, free-improvisation, noise and twisted pop sensibility. Just imagine the dreamy delivery of American avant-singer-songwriter Carla Bozulich adopts Balkan folk scales or the rebetika project of electronics player Yannis Kyriakides with the ascetic guitar work of The Ex’ Andy Moor and you are getting closer to SAV sonic territories.

SAV unique sonic blend offers weird yet arresting matches between the reserved and often chilly Nordic melancholy and intense-stormy Mediterranean emotional eruptions. Songs like “Belgrade” and “Protest” adopt repetitive-addictive rhythmic patterns while “Klassekamp/Titanic” navigate in a dreamy, hazy territory that tempts you to succumb to its noisier tastes. “Familietraditioner” adds some steamy West-African ingredients to the asymmetric Balkan scales and “Kortlægning” seduces you into disturbing beautiful territories.

The Conversation offers a highly unique and personal experience.

Eyal Hareuveni

Lars Bech Pilgaard (g), Mija Milovic (v)

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