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«Introspective Landscapes»

Brazilian drummer Sérgio Vieira lives in Porto, Portugal, where he developed his experimental solo project, «Introspective Landscapes». Vieira uses improvisation as a tool for real-time, instant composition, fully aware that risk-taking, danger, nuisance, dissatisfaction and want are necessary elements of such a tasking, creative process.

The seven pieces of «Introspective Landscapes» were recorded at Black Box Studios in Porto over five days in August 2020, and Vieira ornamented his improvisations with a few studio tricks. These improvisations emphasize how Vieira is well-versed in classical and contemporary music, and modern jazz, as well as Brazilian traditional music. In recent years he premiered two works written for drums and electroacoustics sounds – «Viés: Conjunção I» (2013) by Raphael Puccini and «Hindol – Homenagem à Amacher e Karkowsky» (2014) by Gabriel Lemos.

Vieira knows how to employ the drum-set to offer a detailed and suggestive sonic ambiance but also to express powerful, dramatic rhythmic stories. He does so on the two opening pieces «Solitary Wolf» and «Mountains and Horizon (Homage to Stasi)», or later on the more reserved «Walking on Blue Ice» and «Midwestern Kingdom (Homage to King)».

Vieira experiments with abstract sound and sketches of deeply intimate and subtle atmospheric textures are the most fascinating ones, as they all tempt the listener to create its own emotional experience. «Abstract Feelings», and the dreamy and enigmatic state of mind of «Restless Mind». «Freedom’s Ritual» sounds like an irreverent homage to free jazz and pulse-free drumming.

It would be interesting to listen to Vieira performing his own extended solo composition, based on the promising performances of «Introspective Landscapes».

Eyal Hareuveni

Sérgio Vieira (dr)

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