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«Problem Of Absolute Generality»

«Problem Of Absolute Generality» is the sophomore album of the free-improv trio of Norwegian guitarist Stian Larsen, known from kÖök, with British alto sax player Colin Webster (who played with Larsen in the KTHXBYE trio) and percussionist Andrew Lisle (who works with Webster in countless outfits, including the Kodian Trio). The album was recorded at Soup Studios in London in February 2019, after a series of concerts in England and Norway, and on the same date and location where the trio debut album, «Zeal & Perseverance» (Va Fongool, 2019), was recorded.

«Problem Of Absolute Generality» encapsulates again the essence of this trio: the hi-octane free jazz of Webster and Lisle meets noise and art-rock guitar of Larsen. The uncompromising, Brötzmann-esque opening piece «Boltzmann Brain» captures best this side of raw, restless and explosive spirit, with brief, lyrical and playful detours. But the following «Tachyonic Antitelephone» suggests the searching tendencies of this trio and employs an array of extended breathing and percussive techniques matched with distorted electric sounds within sparse and open dynamics.

Lisle takes the lead on «Upstream Contamination» and his powerful drumming dictates the volume of the sonic attacks but on the following «All Horses Are The Same Colour» he triggers Webster and Larsen for a series of surprising melodic conversations. The last, title-piece builds on these playful veins but in a more energetic and tight manner, with Lisle acting again as the central force of this trio, all the way until the cathartic conclusion.

Eyal Hareuveni

Stian Larsen (el.g), Colin Webster (as), Andrew Lisle (dr) 

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