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«It is Dangerous to Lean Out (E Pericoloso Sponrgersi)»

The New York-based dadaist-hyperactive duo Talibam! – synthesizer player Matt Mottel and drummer Kevin Shea, known for his work with the group Mostly Other People Do The Killing, trumpeter Peter Evans and guitarist Mary Halvorson – and British powerhouse sax player Alan Wilkinson met for the first time on 2008 for a debut performance at a London basement. A year later the trio recorded its first album, «Dem Ol’ Apple Pie Melodies» (Bo’Weavil, 2010), and continued to ferment its explosive bond through later European tours.

«It is Dangerous to Lean Out», the trio sophomore album is a limited edition cassette, and continues the volcanic vein of the debut album. It features two performances from the Sant’anna Arresi Jazz Festival in Sardinia, Italy. Side A’s «If I Had A Hammer» captures the trio performing on New Year’s Eve 2014 and Side B’s «Ring The Bell» was recorded in August 2013 before a massive outdoor audience of children, enamored adults and a sizable gathering of feral teenage girls.

«If O Had A Hammer» is as far as can be from Pete Seeger folk song. It sound more as a piece glorifying the Nordic god Thor, entertaining himself with some psychedelic-thunderous storm. The speedy, alien-sounding synthesizers manipulations of Mottel together with the the take-no-prisoners drum assault of Shea and Wilkinson fiery blows just keep intensifying, spiraling as a multi-dimensional, rhythmic orgy of gluttonous debauchery. «Ring The Bells» guarantees that your ears will keep ringing long after this piece is over. Here the trio trio’s testosterone level is literally off the charts. Talibam! and Wilkinson wild ride is focused on the inevitable sonic meltdown, fully committed to the ghoulish moment of now.

Talibam! And Wilkinson demand total surrender. There is no better alternative.

Eyal Hareuveni

Alan Wilkinson (as, bs), Matt Mottel (synth), Kevin Shea (dr)


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