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«Fire Disposal»

The debut album of the Tandaapushi trio also spans along dense 37 minutes but suggests another perspective of the power, free-improvising trio. Tandaapushi – keyboards player Léo Dupleix, bass player Laurens Smet and drummer Louis Evrard – opts for primitive drones based on addictive, hypnotic grooves, until its repetition climaxes in a strange trance feeling.

The four, untitled pieces are variations on the theme. The trio focus on creating almost techno-like drones, where the the pulse and the sonic envelopes keep intensifying and adding new layers. All four piece are dense, highlighting the atmospheric-distorted sounding vintage keyboards of Dupleix. All push the envelope a bit more with each piece, in a kind of a secular shamanic ceremony, still, with a commanding reserve and without reaching a cathartic chaos.

Eyal Hareuveni

Léo Dupleix (keys); Laurens Smet (b); Louis Evrard (dr)

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