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The Moms is a new Copenhagen-based trio, featuring Catalan sax hero Albert Cirera with local, like-minded Danish musicians – double bass player Asger Thomsen and guitarist Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen. This trio tests the stormy meeting points between free-improvisation and pure noise. The Moms employ self-invented and unorthodox extended techniques, add objects and various effects in order to create a wild, ever-shifting massive slab of music.

The Moms debut album, «Kalipedia», with its self-titled 40-minutes piece, borrows its title from one of James Joyce neologism, as articulated by Mr. Mulligan in «Ulysses». «Kalipedia» combines two Greek words:  kali (meaning beauty, as in calligraphy) with paedia (meaning education), and could be interpreted as education through beauty or enrichment through beauty.

This kind of raw yet rich beauty comes with a certain cost. It has no intention to come closer to soothing or melodic territories nor to sketch calming, new-age harmonies. The Moms do intend to grab you and offer a twisted but surprisingly meditative experience, pushing your mind through a dark but eventful void. This intense journey guarantees that you may explore new and sometimes even torturing colors and shades within the ever-expanding sonic universes of the saxes, double bass and guitar. But as any good mom will tell: we did not come here to enjoy, but to experience something new and hopefully acquire new insights that may benefit the common good, listeners and musicians. Obviously, some of these insights are tasking, others like the one of «Kalipedia» are sobering and focusing on keeping your senses sharp and alert.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Albert Cirera (s, obj), Asger Thomsen (b, obj), Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen (g, eff. ped.)

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