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The Swiss musical aeronauts of Trio Heinz Herbert keep perfecting their imaginative cabinet of sonic mirrors. The three musicians – the brothers Dominic Landolt, who plays the guitar, and Ramon Landolt, who plays the synth, piano and adds samples, and their brother in spirit, percussionist Mario Hänni – studied jazz, but Trio Heinz Herbert suggests an elusive and mischievous version of jazz. The trio abstraction of the jazz spirit embraces technoid club culture, art rock, industrial and ambient sound art, all transformed to the trio kaleidoscopic universe of sounds and textures.

On «Yes» these adventurous, experimental aeronauts take more risks and search for richer, electro-acoustic galaxies. These noisy galaxies are buzzing with inventive and detailed layers of DIY electronics, effects and samples, but, as before, welcome all strategies of improvisation. Each piece on «Yes» offers a distinct excavation in these colorful galaxies, deep into an enigmatic aural microstructures. The trio explores in these excavations transgressive zones of sounds, shifting forms and structures, aggregate states, moods and colliding, sometimes even exotic rhythms. You can trace in these pieces reflecting veins of British space-prog-rock, psychedelic free-jazz, subtle electronics and today’s clubs hypnotic grooves with surprising fusion acrobatics, organically intertwined and loosely interlocked.

Trio Heinz Herbert meticulously and methodically constructs and deconstructs the multilayered sonic landscapes of «Yes» pieces. Obviously, the mass of electronic sounds, the processed, modulated and manipulated sounds and samples expand exponentially the palette of the acoustic instruments, but also intensify the tension and the dramatic-cinematic narratives and charge these pieces with inimitable, out-of-time and out-of-place diversions. Some of these pieces – «Kohäsion», «Silo Partikel» and «Tolerance» – stress an otherworldly, tribal dance grooves mixed with weird noises. «Gravity» even cements this course with an intense but peaceful Middle-Eastern groove. Other pieces as «Window for the Curious» and the delicate and melodic «Loveliness» sound as carry friendly transmissions from the far away galaxies and on few pieces like «Talk» and «Darkspace» the trio improvises abstract, mysterious textures.
Don’t miss this arresting journey in sounds, spaces and time.

Eyal Hareuveni

Dominic Landolt (g, eff.), Ramon Landolt (synth, samp., p), Mario Hänni (dr, eff.)

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