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«Images of One»

New York City-based violist Jessica Pavone and double bass player Tristan Kasten-Krause met when both played together in like-minded experimentalist ensembles. They soon realized that they share unique sonic preferences and aesthetics, with their instruments and they should further investigate their similar approaches. Pavone and Kasten-Krause explored and experimented with sonic universes and structures over the course of two seasons. Their debut album of this newly formed string duo, the fittingly titled Images of One, was recorded by Kasten-Krause at Greenpoint Recording Collective in Brooklyn in September 2022.

Pavone and Kasten-Krause discovered by odd coincidence that their instruments – the viola and the double bass – were crafted by the Salt Lake City-based luthier Paul Hart, although acquired during different decades and in other parts of the country. The four pieces of Images of One cement Pavone and Kasten Krause’s immediate affinity as well as their distinctive ability to blend into one, reverberating and low-end sonic entity. The viola and double bass respond to different aspects of timbre and texture, and it becomes impossible to tell where the sounds of the viola end and the sounds of the double bass begin.

Images of One continue Pavone’s intensive practice and an interest in long-tone rituals and experiments in repetition as part of her study of the healing effects of vibrations, sounds and music at all. Kasten Krause’s exploration of the energy created by close tones and subtle gestures extends and complements Pavone’s practice. Together they investigate subtle forms of statis and building and releasing tension and weave modest but quite reverent textures that are also deeply emotional and meditative, allowing the voices of Pavone and Kasten-Krause to vibrate as one, beautiful sonic force.

Eyal Hareuveni

Tristan Kasten Krause (b), Jessica Pavone (viola)

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