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The Dutch octet VanBinsbergen Playstation presents best its leader guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen. You can find threads of van Binsbergen earlier projects with contemporary ensembles, elements from her compositions for theater and films, but most of all, her deep affinity for lush orchestral jazz, spiced with hot twists of funky and rock-steady rhythms. VanBinsbergen Playstation musicians met for the first time on March 2014 during van Binsbergen yearly concert at Amsterdam’s Bimhuis club, immediately enjoying the natural interplay. Six of the pieces were recorded live already on that first concert and five others a year later, on the octet second concert. The octet already completed its first european tour and planning a sophomore concept album.

Van Binsbergen compositions are concise and engaging, cleverly arranged and employ fully the octet flowing energy as a small big band. She contributes some impressive solos on «On My Way to Central Station» and «Same Place, Wrong Time» and her melodic, reserved playing sets the evocative atmosphere on «White Lines: Free Way».

Trombonist Joost Buis contributed only one composition, «Basil Outside», the most straightforward jazz piece here, a passionate bebop-ish one that highlights his role as a commanding improviser. Still, the most beautiful piece here is a highly emotional arrangement of Billy Strayhorn classic «A Flower is a Lovesome Thing», arranged by Buis and featuring elegant solo of sax player Miguel Boelens. The moving arrangement emphasizes the intimate spirit of this standard.

Eyal Hareuveni

Mete Erker (ts, bcl), Miguel Boelens, (ss, as), Morris Kliphuis (frh, cor); Joost Buis (tb, lapsteel), Albert Van, Veenendaal (prep.p), Corrie Van Binsbergen (g), Dion Nijland (b), Yonga Sun (dr)

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