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«Unmoved Mover»

Catalan, Barcelona-based master percussionist Vasco Trilla plays only the timpani and gong on «Unmoved Mover», his fifth solo album since 2016. But this visionary sonic alchemist and imaginative sound painter of great subtlety and grace need no more as he offers a profound and moving set of percussive meditations. Veteran American drummer describes «Unmoved Mover» as «a Blessing for mind and soul» and he is absolutely right.

Trilla is known from the free-improv trios Phicus and Fish Wool and his collaborative work with American sax player Mars Williams and Portuguese trumpeter Luis Vicente. «Unmoved Mover» was recorded at T.U.R.F studio in Barcelona in June 2020 by sax player and producer El Pricto, who also mixed and mastered the album, as he did on Trilla’s last solo project («The Weeping Meadow», Confront, 2020, you read our review HERE).

Trilla uses the timpani and the gong as vivid entities. As you can see in the attached video, he attaches vibrating objects all over the skin of the timpani, intensifies the percussive vibrations of the timpani and gong with a ventilator close to a carefully placed microphone and applies delicate pressure to these vibrating objects. Trilla is gifted with a great sense of timing and space, the wisdom to play with silence and to suggest organic flow and sonic coherence, and, obviously, the technical mastery of the timpani and the gong.

The eight pieces explore fascinating timbral qualities of the timpani and gong but are not focused on expanding the sonic spectrum of the timpani and the gong and their dynamic palette of sounds. Trilla offers here a set of meditative-spiritual rituals where you can sense – physically, literally – how the tangible, often ethereal, sometimes playful and even intense and noisy percussive vibrations accumulate healing power, and eventually wash away our chaotic daily experiences and cleanse our body and soul.

«Unmoved Mover» is an outstanding sonic as well as a deeply emotional listening experience, one that is perfect for our troublesome time.

Eyal Hareuveni

Vasco Trilla (timpani, gong)

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