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«GUNK The Movie OST download original or not»

Warmbladder is the electronic project of Polish, Copenhagen-based double bass player and head of Gotta Let It Out label Tomo Jacobson. It is described by Jacobson as “terror jazz, sick jam, and post-everything”, but there is no real need to check if your fortified shelter is in order.

The two movements of GUNK The Movie OST download original or not – “Jazz Terror” and “Terror Jazz”, features beside Jacobson who plays the MIDI ribbon, Hawaiian drummer Jonathan Leland, who played with Jacobson in the Sun Araw project, Spanish electronics musician Ignacio Nacho Córdoba, Danish guitarist Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen, known from the groups Yngel and Klimaforandringer, and German Jonas Engel, who plays the alto sax. The music was recorded on July 2017.

Warmbladder’s 20 minutes of dense soundscapes that mix free-improv, dark ambient and all kinds of processed, mutated and sampled sonic shredding. “Jazz Terror” hardly registers as anything close to sonic terrorism. Its hyperactive, disjointed and chaotic sounds are strange, annoying and obscure, sometimes even playful, but nothing that would challenge a trained listener to new electronic music or sound art. “Terror Jazz” succeeds more to sketch a tense and distorted, cinematic atmosphere that hints about the lurking brutal violence, often intensified by the tortured sax wails of Engel. But, again, it is too short to inflict real fear of imminent terror.

Eyal Hareuveni  

Tomo Jacobson (MIDI ribbon); Jonathan Leland (elec dr. kit, perc), Ignacio Nacho Córdoba (elec), Jonas Engel (as), Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen (Nacho’s-signal-through-g. processing)

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