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«This Earth We Walk Upon»

YODOK III – the experimental trio of Norwegian drummer Tomas Järmyr and tuba and flugabone player Kristoffer Lo with Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries – is back, with another live recording captured at the Dokkhuset, Trondheim in October 2016, where YODOK III recorded its previous live album («Legion of Radiance», Consouling Sounds, 2016). The outlines of YODOK III enigmatic sonic ritual remains the same, but the new ritual sounds more focused and more emotional, sometimes even lyrical and melancholic, as if «This Earth We Walk Upon» calls for our attention to the fragile state of our planet.

As on previous albums of YODOK III, «This Earth We Walk Upon» is a 63-minutes, raw sonic monolith that builds its transcendental tension slowly. The delicate cymbal work of Järmyr, the deep-toned blows of Lo and the atmospheric guitar lines of Serries create an endless series of gentle vibrations. Patiently, these vibrations morph into into a massive tsunami that fills and resonates all over the Dokkhuset’s space. This time YODOK III opts for a much more reserved tone throughout this intriguing piece, until it reaches the inevitable ecstatic catharsis.

It really does not matter how many sonic rituals of YODOK III the listener has experienced. YODOK III spells are still effective and powerful, tempting the listener to experience the sonic magic anew, fully aware that such sonic ritual does not only leads to a powerful cathartic climax but has a spiritual purifying effect. And, indeed, «This Earth We Walk Upon» is an alchemical, mind-bending and obviously, genre-bending study in sound, time and space.

Furthermore, the humble, ambient tone of this piece emphasizes even deeper the message of YODOK III rituals. But we may decipher this precious message only if we will alter our own listening senses and habits beyond common conventions and outdated definitions. YODOK III asks us to begin experiencing ourselves and our surroundings anew, here and now, as part of something bigger than us, as YODOK III sonic envelope is bigger than the sum of its musicians personal outputs. Together we, like YODOK III, we may be aware for our responsibility for «This Earth We Walk Upon».

Eyal Hareuveni

Tomas Järmyr (dr), Kristoffer Lo (tuba, flugabone,; Dirk Serries (g)

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