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«Legion Of Radiance: Live at Dokkhuset»

The trio YODOK III has established a unique kind of an interplay and aesthetics of its own. The trio offers powerful and addictive sonic rituals that leave no choice but to surrender, willfully, and be purified by these kind of secular rituals. The trio fifth album in the last three years, «Legion of Radiance», suggests another variation of these rituals, a longer one, one that still sounds fresh and intriguing.

YODOK III features Norwegian, Trondheim-based drummer Tomas Järmyr, now also the drummer of Italian power-punk-free jazz trio Zu and the like-minded Norwegian trio MoE, amplified tuba and flugabone player, Kristoffer Lo, known also  as a member of the successful art-rock group Highasakite and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, and Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries, known for his minimalist ambient projects under the monikers Microphonics, Fear Falls Burning and Vidna Obmana.  already established a unique interplay.

«Legion of Radiance» was recorded live at the Dokkhuset club in Järmyr and Lo hometown, Trondheim, on May 15, 2015. It features one untitled, free-improvised piece, 68-minutes long. The piece is an atmospheric and arresting drone monolith, rich with details. YODOK III sketch dense walls of sounds that blend the deep-toned, manipulated sound of the tuba, the effects-laden waves of hypnotic guitar lines and the exemplary cymbal and drumming work of Järmyr into a pulsating, tight unity. The dynamics of this sonic entity are changing patiently and organically, adding more colors, depth and resonant layers of sounds. The piece morphs from a dark, meditative and trance-like introduction into a more tortured and claustrophobic segment, and then building its tension in a reserved, dramatic manner until the ritual reaches its emotional climax, almost as in a archaic, shamanic ritual. All without losing its focus and course, even at its most noisier moments when it sounds as volcanic, metal piece..

But even after this thunderous climax, unfolding throughout towards the first half of the piece, the piece keeps morphing as a monolithic drone. Now the gentle, subtle tone of Lo flugabone and later the processed sound of the tuba charge it with a  peaceful course, slowly swaying between the spacey guitar lines of Serries and the minimalist drumming of Järmyr. Järmyr lleads the trio into the its second climax, this time with an alien, ceremonial pulse injected into the dense, deep-space envelope that Lo and Serries have created. It is less dramatic and thunderous climax, still, draws you deeper and deeper into the addictive sound universe of YODOK III. .


Eyal Hareuveni

Thomas Järmyr (dr), Kristioffer Lo (tuba, flugabone), Dick Serries (g)

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