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«Dance In A Triangl»

Discipline opposes groove or groove complements discipline? This trivial question may arise when listening for the first time to the Swiss trio led by young pianist Yves Theiler. This egalitarian trio, featuring bass player Luca Sisera and drummer Lukas Mantel, operates actually as an equilateral triangle. It focuses on integrating seamlessly minimalist narratives with propulsive pulses in a manner that stresses its playful and energetic interplay.

«Dance in a Triangle» is the sophomore release of this Zürich-based trio, following its debut «Out of the Bo» (Unit Records, 2012). The 28-years old Theiler, who composed all the music, has studied with pianist Richie Beirach and has recorded with sax player Omri Ziegele («Inside Innocence», Intakt Records, 2013). His trio, described by him as a «sound and groove laboratory», highlights his highly rhythmic approach, met with the different rhythmic approaches of Sisera and Mantel. All three alternate the lead melodic role or solidifying the groove element in an organic-telepathic interplay.

The rhythmic spectrum of this trio varies from piece to piece. It may be gentle as on the the ballad «Day by Day», funky and swinging on «Book of Peace», even dreamy on «In A Way It’s Nothing» and quite complex one on title piece. In this piece Theiler plays the electric Wurlitzer and sketches a North-African hypnotic. Kind of trance pulse that triggers clever rhythmic abstractions by Sisera and Mantel. Mantel sets a Middle-Eastern-tinged pulses for «Caravan Change», wisely transformed by Theiler and Sisera into an angular, addictive dance groove.

Impressive trio.

Eyal Hareuveni 

Yves Theiler (p, Wurlitzer), Luca Sisera (b), Lukas Mantel (dr)

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